Anthony Booth

Senior Spotlight: Carson High’s Anthony Booth
Posted on 11/03/2023
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Perseverance is the word we think of when we think of Anthony Booth. Not only has Anthony proved himself to be determined during his time in high school, but he has also done so with a quiet strength and kindness.

Anthony is a senior at Carson High School (CHS) and has been part of the Carson City School District his entire educational career. He began his journey at Seeliger Elementary and then went to Eagle Valley for middle school. Upon starting high school, he completed his Freshmen year at CHS, but during that year he struggled to get the credits he needed and decided that he would move to Pioneer High School for 10th and 11th grade. During Anthony’s Junior year, he really began to make academic improvements and worked diligently to pass his classes. He decided a move back to CHS for his senior year was right for him. Since enrolling, his attendance has been great, his grades have improved and he has completed multiple classes through Online Learning in the short span of the first quarter, helping him move closer and closer toward graduation.

Anthony is appreciative of the support he received from his close family, including his mom and cousins, who have always encouraged him and offered patience as he found his way. Anthony enjoys spending his time skateboarding, getting creative by drawing and also loves to put things back together when they’ve come apart. After graduation this coming spring, Anthony plans to join the military, and from there, he plans to attend college to study Mechanical Engineering.

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