Andrea Munoz

Senior Spotlight: Pioneer Academy’s Andrea Munoz, Lost Then Found
Posted on 01/17/2023
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Lost then found. If you had to use only a few words to describe how Andrea Munoz, twelfth grade Pioneer Academy Jumpstart student, felt a few years ago when high school began. Andrea stated that the start of high school seemed okay, but she quickly felt out of place and like an outcast as most of her friends moved on to other groups. She had difficulty fitting in socially, which caused her to feel anxiety. This was having a negative effect on her, and she knew something had to change. Her brother, who attended Pioneer, recommended switching schools and felt Pioneer would be a good fit for her. After the switch, Andrea said she began to feel accepted by the students and the teachers and staff. Andrea said she struggled at first, but with the constant support of the teachers she quickly began to regain her confidence and found success. She has loved the constant positive attitude that Mrs. Allen always seems to have, and credits her for helping her get past some of the difficult times.

“Mrs. Allen is always there for me and has my back. She accepted me for who I am, gave me pep talks to get over my social anxiety, and she pushed me to do my best.” Andrea also thanks her brother for caring and recommending Pioneer when she needed a change and her mom for supporting her through the years.

As a young lady who loves hanging out with her family in the outdoors and four wheeling in the desert, Andrea now has her eyes set on her future. Currently she is a Jumpstart student taking all her courses at Western Nevada College and hopes to pursue a career in the medical field as an EMT. She admits that the many medical TV shows helped influence her to want to be an EMT, but she has always had a desire to help people feel better. And she likes that feeling of empowerment.

Andrea said she is very honored to be chosen as an outstanding student and wanted to thank Rotary for recognizing students for their achievements. She said the recognition makes her feel appreciated and helps boost her confidence and motivates her to do even better moving forward. As Andrea starts to wrap up her high school years, she has some advice for her peers. “Never give up. Keep on Going. Get to know the people at your school. If you work hard, it is easy to work your way back to success.”

Andrea has definitely worked hard to find her success, and the teachers and staff at Pioneer are proud of her achievements. They are looking forward to seeing what she will bring to her future.

(By Cary Jordan, Pioneer Academy Counselor)