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CHS Students Design Book Cover(s), Earn Contracts with Publisher
Posted on 03/11/2021
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Carson City School District is pleased to announce Carson High School Seniors Jaden Anderson, 17, and Damien King, 18, have both earned contracts with the Three Ravens Publishing Company for their graphic design work in creating winning designs for a new epic fantasy novel, “The Raven and the Crow: Dark Storm Rising,” written by Michael K. Falciani, the pen name of Mr. Kinkade DeJoseph, a teacher at Bordewich Bray Elementary School.

The students were recognized for the work they created as part of Ms. Patricia Ababio’s Graphic Design class at Carson High School. Four of Ababio’s classes participated in the design competition. Damien King's design will be the book cover for Dark Storm Rising while Jaden Anderson's design will be used as a branding logo for the entire Raven and the Crow series, which will be used on the title pages of all the books.

Mr. DeJoseph approached Ms. Ababio back in November and asked if her students would be interested in designing the cover as a project. She affirmed they would. Days later Mr. DeJoseph was offered a contract with Three Ravens Publishing Company to publish to novel. The Lead Publisher, Scott Tackett, was open to the suggestion of students working with his company. The students met on a zoom call in Mrs. Ababio's classroom and were able to interact directly with both the publisher and the author.

Both the teachers and the publisher recognized the excellent learning experience for the students in Graphic Design. The final drafts have been given to Mr. DeJoseph and Mr. Tackett. The winners will be given contracts with Three Ravens Publishing Company for their work, and a chance to further their career in graphic design.