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Student Art Removal at Seeliger Elementary
Posted on 06/20/2018
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Nearly two dozen pieces of student artwork, which previously decorated the walls of the corridors of Seeliger Elementary School, has be removed and hopefully will be reunited with their original creators or family members. The alumni pieces date back as early as 1982, are neatly framed and range from kindergartners to fifth graders.

Below is a list of Seeliger student names and years who created artwork that has been on display at the school for years. School officials are encouraging any owners, family members, friends or acquaintances to reach out to the school to collect the creative pieces between June 20 to July 3. Members of the community who may know the named artist or their families are encouraged to call the school, 775-690-2056. Since the main office is now closed, they will need to make an appointment with the custodial staff. Any unclaimed art will be disposed of by Tuesday, July 3 2018.

Seeliger Elementary School Artwork listed by the artist’s last name (alphabetized), by year (if available):

Anderson, Kenneth

Brooks, Alyson

Chirila, John

Dickinson, Kara

Durand, Desiree

Ellis, Justin

Fisher, Heather

Friend, Michelle

Gould, April

Hall, Heidi

Holt, Charlene, 1985

Isaman, Billy

Johnson, Shalein 1983

Kimball, Misti

Leydecker, Sarah

Malone, Deidra

Malone, Danny

Mederios, Diane 1983

Morris, Jerrod

O’Neill, Gregory

Osorio, Michell (2 pieces)

Padgett, Melissa

Pence, Morgan

Sargent, Randy

Shaw, Tiffany

Smith, Jason

Snyder, Mark

Stockton, Dustin

Stossel, Alberta 1983

Strouse, Gabriel 1982

Watson, Devon

Wungnema, Moses


Group Projects (no particular order):

Berggren, Kara 2009-10

Schmidt, Arianna

Share, Josie


Bell, Hailey 2009-10

Gerber-Winn, Kaitlyn

Ladiges, DeShae


Abercrombie, Charlie 2009-10

Clarke, Zane

Flores, Ismeal


Naylor, Sariah 2009-10

Ortega, Evelin

Sprague, Chris


Flores-Estrada, Eileen 2009-10

Griffin, Darby

Valdenegro, Ana


Herrera, Edith 2009-10

Marler, Kaylin

Pacheco, Brenda


Balza, Searlett 2009-10

Leemandt, Katy

Swartz, Skylar


Boissier, Tracey

Johnson, Nick

Kelly, Becky

Olson, Garrett


Fike, Sean

Garretson, Ruthann

Green, Neil

Helbling, Gwen