Homeschool Information

Homeschool Information

Notice of Intent to Homeschool, Withdrawal from Public School, and General Information

The following information is intended to assist you in submitting intent to homeschool your child. The purpose of the notice is to inform the school district that the child is exempt from compulsory attendance NRS 392.040.

Submitting Homeschool Applications:
Homeschool applications can be sent in by mail, email, or dropped off in person. 
Mail/ Drop-Off: 1402 West King St., Carson City, NV 89703
Email to: [email protected]

Notice of Intent to Homeschool
The parent of any child being home schooled in Nevada must file a Notice of Intent to Homeschool with the local district. You must submit a separate Notice of Intent to Homeschool application for each child you intend to homeschool and return it to the Carson City School District Office. This must be done not later than 10 days after the child has been formally withdrawn from the public school system, or not later than 30 days after establishing residency in Nevada. The notice of intent does not need to be re-filed unless the name or address of the parent or child changes, in which case a new notice must be filed by the parent within 30 days.

Educational Plan
An educational plan must be included with the Notice of Intent to Homeschool. It should include instruction and educational goals for the child in the subject areas of English (including Reading, Composition and Writing), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies (including History, Geography, Economics and Government) as appropriate for the age and level of skill for the child. Traditionally an educational plan has consisted of either educational goals (a description of the anticipated kind of instruction, by subject) or a list of instructional materials to be used (items used for instruction including, without limitation, books, library materials, software or a correspondence program).
By signing the application, the parent is acknowledging that he has control or charge of the child and the legal right to direct the education of the child.
Upon the school districts receipt of the Notice of Intent to Homeschool, including the educational plan, the District shall mail a written acknowledgement to the parent. This acknowledgement shall be deemed proof of compliance with Nevada's compulsory school attendance law NRS 392.040. Receipts are valid for 15 years for each child for whom you submit an application.

Educational Plan - Example 1
Educational Plan - Example 2

Participation in Interscholastic Activities and Events (including sports)
Notice of Intent to Participate in Programs Activities
A home school child that wishes to participate in school district activities and events is required to submit a Notice of Intent of a Homeschooled Child to Participate in Programs and Activities for each year of participation. The parent shall be required to show a birth certificate or other documentation sufficient to establish the identity of the child. The homeschooled child is bound by the same NIAA regulations that a public school child is regarding which public school team he/she plays for. There is no “space available” clause in the law, so for activities and sports that have try-outs where children are “cut”, the home schooled child must be allowed to try-out just the same as any other child. The rules and regulations that apply to pupils enrolled in public schools participating in NIAA activities and events apply in the same manner to home schooled children. If a home schooled child or the parents notify the school that he/she wishes to participate in a NIAA sanctioned sport, the school shall provide to the parent a statement setting forth the requirements for academic eligibility, all schedules and requirements of the school relating to eligibility for participation, and the name and telephone number of the contact person in the athletic department who monitors academic eligibility.

Participation in Examinations

Districts shall also allow homeschooled children to take any college entrance exams offered, including the SAT, and ACT and the PSAT/NMSQT Exam. Home schooled children are eligible for the National Merit Scholarship. School district examination is available to home school students. This include the SAT, and the PSAT/NMSQT. Home schooled children are eligible for the Millennium Scholarship. If you would like your child to participate in testing please contact the Carson High School at 775-283-1930.

Enrolling a Child Who Was Homeschooled into a Public School 

Elementary School
The school may use only commonly used practices to determine the academic ability, placement or eligibility of the child. This may include consultation with the parent, placement tests if necessary, plus consideration for the age of the child should provide sufficient information to place the child.

Middle/High School
A home school child who enrolls in a public high school is required to provide documentation that the child used an accredited program of study that is approved by the board of education in the event that you return to the school district. Or the child will need to demonstrate proficiency in the courses of study required for promotion to high school through an examination, or shall provide other proof demonstrating competency. This will assist in the evaluation of the student’s courses of study and earned units of credits during placement.