Tierney Frost

Senior Spotlight: Pioneer Academy’s Tierney Frost has Passion for Art
Posted on 05/22/2023
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With so many distractions these days, it is hard to slow down and take in all the wonders that surround us. This month’s Senior spotlight from Pioneer Academy, Tierney Frost, is hoping to one day make a career of capturing the world’s wonders on canvas or paper. Her love and passion for art has helped push her through some of the difficult times throughout her school career.

As a junior, Tierney switched schools to attend Pioneer Academy Online to help her refocus her direction and work at getting better at the things that were important to her. However, dealing with ADHD would make her journey difficult. Describing how she would often feel, Tierney said “Having ADHD feels like having to climb a 10-foot cliff every time I have to do an assignment. I know everyone feels like that sometimes, but mine felt like an absolute inability to do work or even take care of myself sometimes. It was very extreme.”

Learning how to manage her ADHD has not been easy, but Tierney says today it is much easier due to the help and support she has received from her parents, friends and teachers. She credits a great deal of her success to her mom and is thankful for the guidance her mom gave her to be, as she says, a “fairly regular person who can take care of myself.” She also is thankful for her teachers who have been so influential in her direction and understanding of her personal roadblocks and provided nothing but support along the way. Tierney said Ms. Shufelt and Ms. Westre, with their judgement free attitudes, were particularly helpful and understanding of the issues she was experiencing. She stated their fun and friendly way with people helped bring peace to her world and she is lucky to have them in her life.

Tierney is considering pursuing a career in art or design but has not made a decision on exactly what the future looks like. But she is sure she is ready to take on the challenges that are certain to confront her. The Pioneer family is proud of Tierney’s accomplishments and looks forward to seeing what else she will conquer.

(By Cary Jordan, Pioneer Academy Counselor)