ACT is Tuesday, March 1

All CHS juniors are required to take the ACT Tuesday, March 1.
Posted on 02/14/2022
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Dear Parent/Guardian and Student:

Carson High School will once again participate in the American College Testing (ACT) administration on March 1, 2022. The ACT is the State of Nevada high school requirement for graduation. It is a standardized test that determines a high school graduate’s preparedness for college. It covers five areas: English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing. ACT is different from our other state assessments because it is a common measure of achievement of juniors across the country. The results are released on the student’s account, which provides information about the student’s achievement to colleges, educators, parents, and students.

Your student will take this assessment in all five areas. Prior to the assessment, all 11th grade students are encouraged to create their own account, which must be completed prior to the test date on March 1, or up to two days after. On February 8th or 9th, all junior students received a “Taking the ACT Test” packet from their English teacher. This packet outlined all of the necessary steps for a student to set up their MyACT account. If your student has misplaced their packet, or did not receive one, they can come see Assistant Principal, Dr. Moulden to request a new one. Please be aware that if a student does not create an account and/or complete all of the required steps and questions, they will not be able to receive their test scores directly.

The assessment takes approximately 5 hours for most students, including transition time and directions.

Due to this being a high stakes test, the following rules will be strictly enforced:

  1. Students should arrive at CHS no later than 7:30 a.m. on March 1st. If a student shows up after the ACT directions have begun, the student will be unable to test.
  2. CHS does not provide calculators for the ACT. However, students have been provided an ACT calculator policy, which can be found on the “Taking the ACT test” booklet that each student received prior to the test.
  3. Students will not have access to their cell phones or Apple watch for the duration of the ACT. If students access their cell phone or Apple watch at any time during testing, their test will be invalidated, and the student will be removed from testing. If at all possible, please leave these items at home.
  4. Students will not be able to access their backpacks during testing.
  5. If students bring water, and or snacks, they must take them out of their backpack, and put it in an area designated by the room supervisor. They will be able to access their water and/or snacks during breaks, outside of the testing room.

The ACT is an academically rigorous test. All of us at CHS want our students to have a positive testing experience. With that said, CHS will be offering an After School ACT Bootcamp on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 2:05 to 4:00 p.m. Late buses are available if a student needs a ride home. As for test day, it is highly recommended that your student get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy, well-balanced breakfast, and arrive with a positive attitude for success!

For more information about the ACT assessment, feel free to visit their website at If you have further questions regarding this assessment or the schedule, please contact Dr. Sue Moulden, Assistant Principal at (775) 283-1600 or [email protected].

We are excited that our school is participating in ACT. We know that Carson High School’s students will do their best and show everyone what they are capable of doing.


Sue Moulden, Ed.D.

Assistant Principal