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Jump Start Donations for Textbooks Amount to Nearly $17,000
Posted on 09/15/2021
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The Carson City Schools Foundation (CCSF), in support of the Carson City School District, is pleased to announce its ‘Sponsor a Student’ for Western Nevada College (WNC) Jump Start College program raised nearly $17,000 for textbooks and other necessary materials for high school Jump Start students.

The approximate cost for Jump Start College materials for the projected enrollment of 125 students was expected to be $12,500 or $100 per student. The Foundation committed matching funds of $6,250 for half of the amount. Community and corporate donors contributed a whopping $10,745 in total, rounding out a combined total of $16,995 in funding.

“We have been blown away by the generosity of so many community members and foundation partners,” said Casey Gilles, former Carson City School District principal and CCSF secretary and treasurer. “We were pleasantly overwhelmed by the support for our students.”

The Jump Start College program is a dual-enrollment opportunity for high school students to experience college courses through WNC while simultaneously earning high school credits. Jump Start College participants are able to complete up to 60 college credits through WNC, often earning them an associate’s degree around the same time they earn their high school diploma. Earning an associate’s degree while simultaneously graduating from high school helps participants save nearly two years’ worth of money in college tuition.

The foundation received several thank you cards from students with kind notes and several origami-folded swans.

“Thank you! I appreciated this because it means so much for me and my education,” read a thank you card from Nora Nunez, a Jump Start student from Pioneer High School. “This gives me the opportunity to be successful and opens more doors for me.”

The grant funding for the joint program with WNC was canceled earlier this year. The Carson City School District planned to continue to support the program through the Distributive Student Account (DSA) as part of its commitment to College and Career Ready curriculum, but this support did not include the cost of books and materials.

CCSF is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting community involvement and investment in the public schools of Carson City. This project is one of the many results of the Strategic Plan – a five-year plan for schools built by the community of Carson City.

CCSF was created to increase student achievement through philanthropic investment and involvement. Established by the Carson City School District’s Board of Trustees, the foundation promotes education programs that traditional funding sources may not be able to reach.

For more information about the CCSF, please visit ccschoolsfoundation.org. To make a contribution with your credit card, click here, or you may also donate by sending a check to the Carson City Schools Foundation at P.O. Box 92, Carson City, Nevada 89702. To view an informational video, please click here.