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GNCU Donates $1K and iPad Prize to Foundation, School Counselor and Teacher Win for Payroll Deduction Contributions
Posted on 12/27/2022
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The Carson City Schools Foundation (CCSF), was pleased to accept a generous $1,000 donation from Greater Nevada Credit Union (GNCU) to support student learning in the Carson City School District. Additionally, the foundation announced Jeremy Batten, counselor at Carson Middle School, and Kareen Mouradian, fifth-grade teacher at Fremont Elementary School, as the winners of the foundation’s drawing from those making voluntary payroll deduction donations. GNCU sponsored the drawing and graciously provided the prizes, an iPad for each.

“Greater Nevada Credit Union has been a partner for a few years now, and they have never disappointed in terms of their generosity,” said Casey Gilles, CCSF board member and secretary/treasurer. “They took the initiative to establish a meaningful partnership with the Carson City Schools Foundation, and with their assistance, we are benefiting educators and students in Carson City.”

Batten and Mouradian’s name were drawn from more than 120 school district employees. The foundation hosted the drawing as a way to reward school district contributors who regularly donate (every paycheck) through payroll deductions. Funding from payroll donations supports educators and students in the classroom where traditional funding sources may not reach otherwise.

Individuals and organizations are also able to make donations by check or credit/debit cards. To make a one-time donation, or for more information, please visit

Each semester, the Foundation gives back to educators and students alike. In total, CCSF has contributed nearly $40,000 in 2022 and more than $100,000 to students and educators since 2017.

CCSF is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting community involvement and investment in the public schools of Carson City. This project is one of the many results of the “Empower Carson City 2022″ Strategic Plan – a five-year strategic plan for extraordinary schools built by the community of Carson City.

CCSF was created to increase student achievement through philanthropic investment and involvement. Established by the Carson City School District’s Board of Trustees, the foundation promotes education programs that traditional funding sources may not be able to reach.

For more information about the CCSF, please visit To make a contribution with your credit card, go to To view an informational video, please click here.