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Anonymous Donor Challenges Community to ‘Fund Future Dreams,’ Commits to Match up to $60K for Foundation’s Annual Giving Campaign
Posted on 04/19/2023
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In continuation of the Carson City Schools Foundation (CCSF) annual giving campaign “Funding Future Dreams,” an anonymous donor has challenged the community to meet the foundation’s $60,000 goal and promised to match contributions up to that amount. Any funds raised in excess of $60K will be used to provide additional support to students and teachers in the Carson City School District.


From now through June 30, 2023, the Foundation seeks community contributions to support three proven programs: the teacher classroom mini-grant and department/school-site grants that help purchase special project materials; student book and material fees for students qualifying for the JumpStart College program and exam fees for Advanced Placement (AP) students in need.

We had a huge outpouring of support with our fundraising efforts last year for teacher mini grants and the JumpStart program. This year we are expanding our annual giving campaign to include AP students whose families can’t afford the test fees,” Steven Reynolds, chairperson of the CCSF Board, said. “There is no doubt this year’s “Funding Future Dreams” campaign will again offer tremendous value to our students, their families and our local workforce.”

Last year, the fundraising campaign for JumpStart raised nearly $34,000 for students, exceeding the initial goal of $24,000. The foundation’s goal this year is to raise a total of $60,000: $20K for teacher/department/school grants, $20K for books and materials for JumpStart students and $20K for exam fees for AP students. For more information on how to make a contribution, please click here

JumpStart is a dual-enrollment opportunity for high school students to experience college courses through WNC while simultaneously earning high school credits. JumpStart College participants are able to complete up to 60 college credits through WNC, often earning them an associate’s degree around the same time they earn their high school diploma. Earning an associate’s degree while simultaneously graduating from high school helps participants save nearly two years’ worth of money in college tuition.

Taking AP courses and exams in high school help students pass off college-level curricula and earn college credits that save time and money on tuition. These classes are designed to stretch minds and grow connections to better prepare students for a rigorous college course-load. In some cases, students can even skip certain introductory college courses if they score well enough on their AP exams.

AP exams cost as much as $95 per test, and the approximate cost for materials for JumpStart hovers around $160 per student. Contributing to the foundation will help offset these costs in the school district’s general fund and alleviate costs to students and parents.

CCSF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting community involvement and investment in the public schools of Carson City. This project is one of the many results of the “Empower Carson City 2022″ Strategic Plan – a five-year strategic plan for extraordinary schools built by the community of Carson City.

CCSF was created to increase student achievement through philanthropic investment and involvement. Established by the Carson City School District’s Board of Trustees, the foundation promotes education programs that traditional funding sources may not be able to reach.

For more information about the CCSF, please visit To make a contribution with your credit card, click here, or you may also donate by sending a check to the Carson City Schools Foundation at P.O. Box 92, Carson City, Nevada 89702. To view an informational video, please click here.