Schools to Help Curb Bullying

Week of Respect to Help Curb Bullying
Posted on 10/01/2018
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Per NRS 236.073, Governor Sandoval proclaimed Oct. 2-5, 2017 the “Week of Respect.” In tow with the proclamation, the Carson City School District’s superintendent has made a Pledge of Achievement to ensure consistent implementation of anti-bullying programs and practices in all schools and work environments.

“The ‘Week of Respect’ is the launching of a yearlong effort to enhance a safe and respectful learning environment,” said Richard Stokes, superintendent. “One primary emphasis of the program is to ‘Be an Upstander,’ which essentially encourages students to stand up and take an active role against bullying.”

According to, an “upstander” is someone who recognizes when something is wrong and acts to make it right. When an upstander sees or hears about someone being bullied, they speak up. Being an upstander is being a hero: we are standing up for what is right and doing our best to help support and protect someone who is being hurt. In many ways, this is another word for being socially responsible.

Throughout the week, class curriculum and social activities will center on the five standards of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) while prompting students to reflect on and share personal experiences of what respect means to them, how they give and receive respect and how they react when they perceive they are being disrespected.

The “Week of Respect” highlights skills and interactions that facilitate positive student relationships and empowers students to observe the impact they can make, simply by approaching each day from a place of treating others the way they wish to be treated.

Information about Nevada Law NRS 388.122-135 will be provided to students and staff so they know how to recognize bullying, how to report incidences when bullying occurs and the steps the district will take when allegations of bullying have been made.

“In today's world, it's important for our students to understand that we do not need to share the same opinion as others; however, we do need to learn to be respectful of other's opinions,” said Carson High School Principal Tasha Fuson. “It is our sincerest hope that the activities will bring that concept to life for our students.”

All weeklong student organizations and administrators will promote the culminating activity of “Get your Blue On.” All students and staff will wear blue Friday, Oct. 5, to show their commitment to being Upstanders, not bystanders.

In addition to the weeklong activities, the Nevada Department of Education has developed a new live tip reporting system, SafeVoice, for school safety and student well-being 24/7/365 (24-hour, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-per-year). Click here to learn more about the system.

Some of the schools’ visually enticing events include the following:

Monday, Oct. 1, No School

Professional Development Day for teachers.No school for students.

Tuesday, Oct. 2 (Carson High School)

The Week of Respect theme will be "Say ‘Hey!’ Day." Sometimes people go all day at CHS without someone saying, “Hi!” Challenge yourself to say hello, give High-5s or knuckles & check in with as many teachers and peers as you can. Lunchtime activities include Jazz Band in Senator Square and Free Hot Cocoa with the FCA Club!

Tuesday, Oct. 2 (Carson Middle School)

Celebrating differences, students will take turns writing qualities that make them “different” and unique on handprints. A collective wall of unique qualities will be created outside of the cafeteria to remind students to celebrate each other’s differences and be proud of what makes them unique.

Tuesday, Oct. 2 (Eagle Valley Middle School)

Acts of Kindness Day! Students will ponder what someone has done for them. Posters will be provided to each class where students can report what Acts of Kindness they’ve done or received. Lunchtime activity: board games inside. Make a friend!

Tuesday, Oct. 2 (Fritsch Elementary School)

Students are encouraged to go out and say something incredible. Wear a shirt with a positive message on it.

Tuesday, Oct. 2, through Friday Oct. 5 (Empire, Fremont and Mark Twain)

Students will have daily lessons focused on how being respectful, mindful and aware helps the students treat each other well.

Tuesday, Oct. 2, through Friday Oct. 5 (Seeliger Elementary School)

Each morning students will share a quote or book about the importance of respect. Posters will be placed around the school advocating respect, empathy, embracing differences, etc. And teachers will introduce a variety of interactive activities so students understand the importance of RESPECT.

Wednesday, Oct. 3 (Carson High School)

The Week of Respect theme will be "Upstand, Yo Self!" Respect Each Other day is all about making sure that everyone has a safe and supportive place to learn. Take the Upstander Pledge against bullying! Lunchtime activities include Ms. Weaver’s amazing ASL Crew signing songs in Senator Square.

Wednesday, Oct. 3 (Carson Middle School)

Respect our school day! Students will have an opportunity to play bingo at lunch. Students will do things such as thanking the cafeteria staff, cleaning up spills, picking up trash, using the share table to reduce food waste, and thanking the custodians in order to mark off spots on their bingo card.

Wednesday, Oct. 3 (Eagle Valley Middle School)

Take the Upstander Pledge! Students will be tying ribbons on the upper fence to spell out RESPECT.

Wednesday, Oct. 3 (Fritsch Elementary School)

Random Act of Kindness Day. Wear red, white and blue to show respect for our country.

Thursday, Oct. 4 (Carson High School)

The Week of Respect theme will be "Keep it Fresh." Respect Your School day is your chance to show that CHS matters. Help the football players & cheer team keep the school clean by picking up at lunchtime. Lunchtime activities include Orchestra performance in Senator Square and GSA Ally Activity in the Library.

Thursday, Oct. 4 (Carson Middle School)

In observance of Cancer Awareness Day (Oct. 4), students will show respect for their loved ones who have fought cancer. During lunch, they will have an opportunity to write those peoples’ names on a big banner that states “We RESPECT your Fight.” The banner will later be posted in the gym where the names will be read aloud during a school assembly where a few games will require participants to rely on another person to accomplish certain tasks. A demonstration during the assembly will also showcase the importance of thinking before speaking.

Thursday, Oct. 4 (Eagle Valley Middle School)

Selfless Selfie Day! Students will be reminded that they are all #10s! They will get their photo taken by the Student Store in the morning or at lunch. All photos will be posted.

Thursday, Oct. 4 (Fritsch Elementary School)

Students are encouraged to respect the environment. Wear green or dress as a plant.

Thursday, Oct. 4 (Fremont Elementary School)

Students will participate in a poster contest with prizes for each winner. They will also celebrate with music about respect during lunch.

Friday, Oct. 5 (Carson High School)

The Week of Respect theme will be "Get Your Blue On!" You know you have a closet full of blue, so let’s do this together. Wear your CHS best & blue out the school!! Let’s see which class can make this challenge pop. Lunchtime activities include Chamber and Concert Choirs in Senator Square.

Friday, Oct. 5 (Eagle Valley Middle School)

Get your Blue on! Wear your blue to support the school and our pledge to end bullying!

Friday, Oct. 5 (Fritsch Elementary School)

Friendship Day. Dress as a twin with your friend.

Friday, Oct. 5 (Fremont Elementary School)

“Blue-out day.” Students and staff will all wear blue.

Friday, Oct. 5 (Empire and Mark Twain Elementary School)

Students at Mark Twain/Empire will wear blue to show they stand up to bullying.

Friday, Oct. 5 (Seeliger Elementary School)

Throughout the week, students will write ways to be respectful on RESPECT letters (i.e. E – empathy, S – put yourself in someone else’s shoes, etc.). An alphabet of the large RESPECT letters will be displayed in the main hallway at the school. Teachers and students can talk about respect, write words or phrases on each letter, read what others have written on letters, etc.