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School Expansion Prompts Student Art Removal
Posted on 05/14/2018
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With the addition of two new educational wings at Fremont Elementary School (expected completion by fall 2019), nearly 100 pieces of student artwork, which previously decorated the walls of the corridors, will be removed and hopefully reunited with their creators or family members. The alumni pieces date back as early as 1994, are neatly framed and range from kindergartners to fifth graders.

Below is a list of Fremont student names, grades and years who created artwork that has been on display at the school for years. School officials are encouraging any owners, family members, friends or acquaintances to reach out to the school to collect the creative pieces. Members of the community who may know the named artist or their families are encouraged to call the school, 775-283-1200. Any unclaimed art will be disposed of by June 6, 2018.

The removal of the artwork will make way for a more cohesive look and feel, unifying the existing square footage with the newly added classrooms and hallways.

“We wanted current students to be able to relate to the environment of the school,” said Dr. Jennifer Ward DeJoseph, principal at Fremont Elementary School. “The two-decade old art gallery did not make that possible.”

She also revealed part of the plan with the renovation will incorporate a floor to ceiling artistic mural that will depict various paths, roads and trails. The new artwork will represent the ideal of ‘Find A Way’ through the different types of paths.

“We want our halls and walls to reflect our desire for every student to find a way to reach their maximum potential,” Dr. Ward DeJoseph continued. “We want to highlight the student celebration side by including our Fantastic Falcon and Trailblazer Pioneer, which will be including a picture of every student and personalized highlight throughout the year.”

Fremont Elementary School Artwork listed by the artist’s last name (alphabetized), by grade and by year (if available):

Adamson, Stephanie, grade 1

Adamson, Stephanie, grade 2

Anderson, Devon, grade 2, 1995

Aquino, Laima Joy, grade 1, 2006-2007

Baumeister, Alex, grade 2, 1994

Berger, John Kyle, grade 2

Blevins, Mika, grade 3

Boldrick, Becky, kindergarten

Brower, Dusty, grade 2

Brugger, KayCee, grade 4, 1995

Buttz, Caryn, grade 2

Castillo, Efrin, grade 2

Castro, Dahania. Grade 5, 2005-2006

Clifton, Amanda, grade 2

Coates, Jill, grade 3

Cohen, Alan, grade 1, 2003

Cohen, Kathryn, grade 3 1999-2000

Colegrove, Sarah, grade 3

Couch, Kayla, grade 1

Crowder, Kahmala, grade 2, 2000-2001

Crowder, Selene, grade 4

Cusick, Ace, kindergarten

Davila, Alex, grade 3, 2007-2008

Easton, Shawn, grade 1

Edis, Larisa, grade 2

Elder, Brian, grade 2, 1995

England, Zachary, grade 2, 2000-2001

Firestone, Kyle, kindergarten

Fisher, Cole, grade 1, 2004-2005

Fonda, Jimmy, grade 5

Fouhts, Jessica, grade 1

Fox, Rebecca, grade 2

Fritz, Jesse, grade 2

Gehr, Tiffany, grade 3

Gohr, Amanda, grade 3

Gohr, Elizabeth, kindergarten, 1995

Gonzalez, Jaclyn, grade 2, 2000-2001

Gould, Chris, grade 4,

Gray, Zoey, grade 2, 2004-2005

Gurries, Timmy, kindergarten, 2005-2006

Hein-Pepka, Hannah, grade 3, 1999-2000

Hobdy, Ashley, kindergarten

Holloway, Rachel, grade 2, 1994

Hooks, Subrina, grade 5, 1999-2000

Hunter, Thaddeus, grade 2, 2000-2001

Jacobsen, Reanin, grade 3

Jiron, Kiana, grade 4, 2006-2007

Kleine, Tyler, grade 3, 2000-2001

Leck, Cameron, grade 2, 1994

Lopez, Adrian, 2002-2003

Lushina, Jenny, grade 3, 1998-1999

Mathat, Carly, grade 5

MacCarty, Sara, grade 4

McCarty, Ben, grade 5, 1995

McDaniel, Cody, grade 4, 2000-2001

Merriner, Ashley, grade 2

Nelsen, David, grade 4

Oleson, Caitlin, grade 3, 2002-2003

Ortiz, Deni, grade 3, 2007-2008

Osborne, Amanda, grade 5

Osmer, Wesley, grade 2, 1995

Perry, Kyle, kindergarten

Pontes, Tyson, grade 3

Ragone, Kadayla, grade 2, 2002-2003

Remington, Rachael, grade 1

Roberson, Erik, grade 2

Rodriguez, Karina, grade 3, 2007-2008

Rogers, Savana, grade 3, 2006-2007

Rojas, Giovanna, grade 3, 2006-2007

Ryan, Justin, grade 2

Sandage, Michelle, grade 4, 2004-2005

Saucedo, Kaitlin, grade 1

Shirey, Brittany, grade 3

Shirey, Megan, kindergarten, 1999-2000

Soriano, Beto, 2002-2003

Stewart, Tyler, grade 5, 2005-2006

Sulli, Chelsea, grade 5, 1995

Tersteege, Zach, grade 2, 1995

Tyzbir, Hunter, grade 3, 199-2000

Valerius, Sammie, grade 2

Varney, Elysia, grade 2, 1998-1999

Ware, Zane, 2002-2003

White, Sarah, grade 4

Wilson, Breanna, grade 2, 1995

Withrow, Jacob, kindergarten, 2002-2003

Withrow, Kristin, grade 3