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Carson, Eagle Valley Middle Schools Launch Summer Reading Challenge
Posted on 06/13/2022
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With the close of a successful school year, filled with lots of hard work and effort, the last thing educators want to happen is for those skills and knowledge to get lost over the summer. To help with summer learning loss, Carson Middle School and Eagle Valley Middle School have launched a Summer Reading Challenge, a friendly competition, where students and staff are challenged to out-read each respective school.

To participate in the Summer Reading Challenge, students and staff are encouraged to complete the following.

  • Sign up on
  • Log your book titles and reading through the public library’s summer reading program (beanstack app or
  • Submit your reading log in the fall
  • Help your school win the summer reading trophy.

Reading is like exercising. Just like exercising keeps muscles in shape, reading keeps the brain in shape. If you don't exercise, you lose muscle, and if you don't read, you will lose literacy skills. Studies have shown that children who don't read over the summer lose at least two months of reading development. This is often referred to as 'the summer slide' or 'summer learning loss.' On the other hand, students who do read over the summer may gain a month of proficiency in reading. Reading over the summer is not a suggestion to keep kids busy; it's a critical requirement to help students stay on track for their entire educational career and beyond.

Click here to view a short video presentation from Carson Middle School regarding the Summer Reading Challenge.

Summer reading has many benefits:

  1. Improving Reading Skills: Phonics, Fluency, Spelling, Comprehension, Vocabulary
  2. Improving Self-Esteem
  3. Neutralizing Summer Learning Loss
  4. Improving Comprehension
  5. Improving Memory Skills
  6. Building background knowledge
  7. Inspiring a love of reading
  8. Encouraging reading as a lifelong habit

Summer is also a time for students to choose books they enjoy reading and read for fun without the expectation of completing assignments or worrying about grades.

Check the CMS library website for updated stats and information about the summer reading challenge.

Are you looking for access to great free books?

  • Stop by CMS on summer library days (also open to incoming 6th graders):
    • Thursday, June 30, 1-3
    • Wednesday, Aug. 3, 1-3
  • Access online books and audiobooks through SORA (link on
  • Get books through the public library

Here are some suggestions for including your entire family in the summer reading fun:

  • Choose a book for a family book club with everyone committing to reading and talking about the book over the summer
  • Set aside time to all sit down and read together
  • Offer to read out loud to your child
  • Choose audiobooks to listen to in the car together
  • Go to the library and/or the bookstore as a family

Help ensure all students keep reading over the summer so they can start the next school year well prepared and with strong “reading muscles.” Have children join the reading challenge today: