Operations Services

"To ensure the success of Carson City School District and all our customers' missions by providing access to strategic acquisitions, outstanding customer/operational services and material management guidance, while maintaining public trust."

  • To create a cooperative work area at the Operation Service Center, which includes Material Services and Nutrition Services. 
  • To develop and improve request and distribution process.
  • Coordinate and assist with work order management and contracting services.
  • Enhance and expand department website to allow quick access to information and contract pricing, thus saving our customers time, money and energy.

Contact Information

Operation Service Center
398 N Richmond Ave. CC, NV 89703
Phone: (775) 283-2175
Fax: (775) 283-2191

Mark Korinek - 283-2181 Director of Operations

Jodi Mason - 283-2172  Material Services/Purchasing Supervisor

Dave Silva - 283-2186 Custodial Field Supervisor and Work Order Management

Dave Stockle - 283-2185 Inventory Management and Central Receiving

Andrew Marcin - 283-2184 Warehouse/Food Distribution

Mike Powers - 283-2180 Custodial and Project support

Kevin Mezquita - 283-2182 Mail/Warehouse Services

Mark Johnson - 283-2170 Capital and Special Projects Manager

Karen Jackson - 283-2155 Administrative Secretary Facilities & Bond Projects