Vaccination Clinics

VaccinationsCarson City Health and Human Services (CCHHS) is working with our schools to offer students annual seasonal flu vaccinations. There will be a team of CCHHS licensed nurses at each school to administer the flu vaccine. The vaccination is safe and a health action that benefits all age groups to protect against influenza illness

The Vaccine will only be available as injectable (commonly known as “a shot”) for all age groups in 2018-2019. Based on recommendations from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), the nasal mist vaccine will not be available. The shot will protect against four (4) flu viruses.

In order for students to receive a flu vaccine, please:

  • Vaccination ClinicsCOMPLETE and SIGN the consent form that is available on the district’s website here.
  • SEND the completed consent form back to the child’s school/teacher at least ONE WEEK BEFORE YOUR SCHOOL’S SCHEDULED CLINIC DATE.
  • READ the Influenza Vaccine Information Statement. It will be given to your child on the day of vaccination or can be obtained from the CCHHS website, where you can also access more information: