Carson High NJROTC Announces Cadet of the Year, Change of Command, Achievements and the Retirement of Lt. Cmdr. Meyer
Posted on 05/14/2024
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The Carson High School (CHS) Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) recognized Cadet Chief Petty Officer Vivi Mellow as its “Cadet of the Year” during its annual awards ceremony last Thursday in the Morse Burley Gymnasium at Carson High. The event also hosted a “Change of Command” ceremony, marking a significant transition in leadership. Outgoing Battalion Commander Cadet Commander Noah Bean handed over the reins to incoming Battalion Commander Cadet Commander Neva Mellow.

“The prestigious ‘Cadet of the Year’ award recognizes an individual who has consistently exemplified the core values of the NJROTC program: honor, courage and commitment,” said Senior Chief Petty Officer Jerry Skirvin. “Cadet Mellow's dedication to her unit, her academic achievements and her leadership skills set her apart as a deserving recipient of this honor.”

Additionally, the unit had reason to celebrate as it recently placed third out of 30 units in Area 22, a testament to their hard work and dedication. As a result of being number three, the unit earned the Distinguished Unit with Academic Honors award. The unit has earned this award for the last seven years running. This achievement underscores the unit's commitment to excellence in all aspects of their training and activities.

Thursday’s ceremony also saw cadets being recognized for various achievements, including academic excellence, physical fitness and community service. Each award served as a testament to the diverse talents and strengths of the cadets within the Carson High School NJROTC program.

What made this year's ceremony particularly special was the involvement of 15 organizations from the local community. These organizations, ranging from veterans' associations to civic groups and businesses, generously sponsored awards and scholarships for the cadets. Their support not only added to the significance of the event but also demonstrated the strong bond between the NJROTC program and the community it serves.

Among the awards presented were those for leadership, outstanding performance in drill competitions and excellence in naval science studies. Each award served as a reminder of the values instilled by the NJROTC program: discipline, teamwork, and a commitment to service.

As the evening drew to a close, the sense of pride and accomplishment was palpable. Cadets, adorned with their awards and badges, stood tall as they were applauded for their hard work and dedication. The ceremony was not just a celebration of individual achievements but also a reaffirmation of the values and principles that the NJROTC program stands for.

Looking ahead, the cadets of Carson High School's NJROTC program are poised to continue making a positive impact, both within their school community and beyond. As they carry forward the lessons learned and the values instilled during their time in the program, they will undoubtedly excel as future leaders and responsible citizens.

Additionally, after a decade of dedicated service, Carson High's NJROTC program bids farewell to their esteemed Senior Naval Science Instructor, Lieutenant Commander Dan Meyer, as he retires from his role with the unit.

“Throughout his leadership, Commander Meyer has left an indelible mark on the NJROTC program, guiding countless cadets towards excellence and instilling in them the values of honor, courage and commitment,” Sr. Chief Skirvin said. “His passion for mentoring youth and his unwavering commitment to the development of future leaders have earned him the respect and admiration of both cadets and colleagues alike.”

Under his guidance, the NJROTC unit at Carson High School has flourished, achieving numerous accolades and milestones, Skirvin continued. Lt. Cmdr. Meyer's dedication to the program has not only enriched the lives of the cadets but has also fostered a strong sense of camaraderie and pride within the unit.

As Lt. Cmdr. Meyer transitions into retirement, the unit welcomes Sr. Chief Petty Officer Jerry Skirvin, who will step into the role left by Lt. Cmdr. Meyer. Sr. Chief has been an integral part of the NJROTC unit for the last 5 years, benefitting from Lt. Cmdr. Meyer's mentorship and guidance during his tenure. With his wealth of experience and dedication to the program's success, Sr. Chief is poised to continue the legacy of excellence established by his mentor, ensuring the continued growth and success of Carson High School's NJROTC program.

The NJROTC program aims to teach high school students the values of citizenship, leadership, character and community service, while also providing a foundation for future careers in the military or other fields. The program is offered in more than 600 high schools across the United States, and the NJROTC Area Managers visit each unit once a year to conduct inspections.

Finally, CHS NJROTC has an opening for an instructor. The school is looking for individuals who have served in either the U.S. Marine Corps or the U.S. Navy to join this high-achieving team. NJROTC instructors work with CHS students in a respectful and rewarding environment passing on knowledge and experiences to develop effective leaders. Those interested should contact Senior Chief Petty Officer Jerry Skirvin at 775-283-1787 or Josh Billings at 775-283-1637.