March 2019 Survey

Survey in EnglishParent SurveyYour feedback has been valuable. Below are links to the results of the 10 question Parent and Family Survey collected in March of 2019. Surveys were completed using personal computers, computer labs or mobile devices. 

As part of our Strategic Plan, Goal 3 (Engaged Parents and Families), we are seeking to empower and inspire families to positively impact their child's education in a welcoming, informative and collaborative school culture.

Part of that includes Strategy 3.1.1: Assess the effectiveness of shared responsibility for student success using an annual survey. 

The feedback collected here will play an important role in supporting student achievement and contributing to each school’s success.

Click here to review the 2019 data from more than 980 respondents who took the survey in English.
Click here to review the 2019 Spanish data from more than 110 respondents who took the survey in Spanish.