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Seeliger Singers to perform National Anthem at Aces game By Teri Vance The Seeliger Singers, Seeliger Elementary School’s choir directed by Mary Law, will perform the National Anthem at the May 31 Reno Aces baseball game. “It’s exciting,” said Thomas Burchett, 11. “We’re singing in front of a whole bunch of people.” Ian Bowman, 10, has been a Seeliger Singer for four years. “I just like singing,” he said. “My entire family does. I like being able to perform, to share a talent.” The students have been practicing before classes to prepare for the big day, which is a fundraiser for the school. Law said it is a good opportunity for the students. “It’s wonderful,” she said. “They get to sing in front of a huge audience instead of just their parents.” For Law, it is more than just a performance. In a way, it is her swan song. After 25 years teaching music — 24 at Seeliger Elementary School — she is retiring at the end of the year. “It’s been hard,” she said. “I didn’t really want to leave, but it’s time for a new door to open. Time to start a new adventure. I want to be creative.” Briseyda Rubio, 11, is sorry to see her go. “She’s an amazing teacher,” Rubio said. “I’ve had her since kindergarten through fifth grade. She lets us do all kinds of performances. She made it inspirational to sing.” Law’s demeanor will also be missed. “She’s so nice,” said Kira Bell, 10. “She would never get frustrated with us.” “But when she did,” Bell’s friend Madison Grant, 9, clarified, “it was usually because of the boys.” Law has also been inspired by her interaction with students. “I’ve loved getting to share the beauty and joy of music with people,” she said. “They’re  learning to find that creative side of their lives.” It’s a lesson the children will take with them, long after their time at the school has ended. On a farewell poster to Law, one student wrote, “I will never forget you because I have music.” If you go WHAT: Reno Aces baseball game WHEN: 7:05 p.m. Tuesday, May 31 WHERE: Reno Aces Ballpark, 250 Evans Ave.
Posted by nwood  On May 26, 2016 at 8:15 AM